‘A road is created by walking on it.’

Monica Scheffer

Monica Scheffer

Career coach / TMA talent professional / second track programme counselor / neurofeedback trainer

‘My mission is to make people stronger in their work. When people participate in work which matches with who they are and what they can do, it provides more fun, satisfaction and energy.

By working with a career coach myself I discovered that I have a passion for guiding people, so that they can develop further and continue to learn throughout their lives. I switched to coaching and eventually career coaching. I followed a two-year post-higher Vocational Coaching course and after that the specialization in Career Coaching.

After a long career at the municipal government I ended up at Dynamisch Bureau through my network. I joined as a career coach and mainly focus on UWV’s career programs. The warm and positive approach of Dynamisch Bureau really appeals to me.

In my guidance I put people first. I like to work towards a situation in which the coachee gets to stand on his own feet as much as possible and is able to continue independently. During these times I offer the coachee a supportive hand. With my empathy I am able to give space to the coachee so that he or her feels confident to tell their story, and with my goal-oriented approach we gradually work towards the end goal.’