‘The head searches, the heart finds’

Brenda Akoma - Dynamisch Bureau

Brenda Akoma

Career coach / TMA talent professional / second track programme counselor

‘A number of years ago, I was confronted with the situation where my dream job as a manager in youth services ceased to exist. This led to confusion, anger, and sorrow. I just didn’t know how to carry on.

Fortunately, after a while, I saw a new perspective. I was able to reflect and regain contact with my own strength. I knew again what makes me tick!

I decided to focus on supporting employees with career enquiries. That gave me a lot of satisfaction as a manager. I felt that I could really use my talents. I started out as a mobility advisor where I supervised employees, who, like me, were often forced to look for other work, and also followed higher professional education as a career coach.

When I finished my education, I started my own practice as a career coach in addition to my paid employment. I’m also an aromatherapist. As an aromatherapist, I work with essential oils that can be beneficial both physically and emotionally. Having my own company has helped me to be more energetic, happier and more powerful in life. Being involved in development and growth, how beautiful that is!

As you’ve read, my last name is Akoma. ‘Akoma’ is the symbol of the heart ♡ and means patience and forbearance. These are also core values for me. My intuition is an important compass, the heart knows the way. My coaching focuses on self-management. So that you can take the desired steps to find or retain a suitable job independently and inspired, with the insights you have acquired.
Together, we will shape the process. I’ll ask you to do assignments and tests. As a coach, I am involved, intuitive, calm, curious, open, practical, warm and result-oriented. It is your process, so you are central to the coaching.
I joined Dynamic Bureau because that is a nice next step in my development. My wish is more entrepreneurship and less payroll. In addition, I find it pleasant to work with colleagues despite my independent entrepreneurship. I think it’s important to be able to exchange ideas and learn from each other. In this way, I can get the best out of myself and I can best use it to optimally support my coachees!’