Entrepreneurial coaching

With our entrepreneurial coaching we fully support you as a (prospective) entrepreneur or self-employed person without employees. We’ll help you reach your full potential. You can contact us with all your coaching questions and where necessary we will contact other professionals in our network for you.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the situations below:

  • You’d like to earn more money from your business
  • You feel like your talents and skills are not optimally used
  • You are stuck and do not know how to proceed
  • You worry a lot about your company
  • You want to start as an entrepreneur / freelancer and you don’t know how and where to start
  • You are trying to do everything by yourself even though you realise you can’t

Don’t struggle with this alone and seek our support. Dynamisch Bureau has several independently working coaches who, based on years of experience, can provide excellent guidance for possible business start-ups and questions you face as an entrepreneur.

You can read here for which target groups our entrepreneurial coaching is intended and what they can expect from it.

A reset for your company

We are keen to help you in all areas that may be relevant to you (PIOFACH): personnel, information provision, organization, finance, automation, communication, housing. If it is useful, we support you in (re) writing your business plan. So you know exactly where and how you could make improvements. A reset for your company!

What entrepreneurial coaching offers you:

  • More confidence in the choice (s) you want to make;
  • More insight into your talents and pitfalls;
  • Clear focus;
  • Clarity about your personal profile by using our extensive test portal, which includes the TMA Talent Analysis;
  • A good presentation as an entrepreneur;
  • Doing business with pleasure;
  • More and steady income.

A programme for entrepreneurs often takes about 10 to 15 coach hours for a period of three to six months. If you want you can also spread the hours over a longer period of time, whatever suits you best.

You’re not on your own!

In addition to your individual sessions, inspiring group sessions with a specific theme are regularly organized (in Dutch), in which you can participate at no additional costs. You can also join our network meetings called Job Connection (also in Dutch). The goal is to support each other in finding work and assignments, to learn from each other, to inspire each other and, where possible, to use each other’s network.

Curious about how we can help you and what your coaching might look like?