TMA Talent Method for Talentmanage­ment

Dynamisch Bureau wants to prevent dismissal and dropout – due to illness – as much as possible. For that reason we support the use of talent management, or talent-oriented work. We use the powerful TMA Talent Method. The basis for the TMA Talent Method is the individual TMA Talentenanalyse.

The TMA Talent Analysis tool is also very suitable for team development. All team members will do an individual TMA Talent Analysis first and then work in a positive way on the various outcomes and similarities within our TMA Teamsessie.

Talent as a basis for developing and assessing employees

Do you recognize the following within your organization?

  • Do you feel that your talents or talents of those within your (self-managing) team are not sufficiently recognized?
  • Is there a high absence rate?
  • Are the results disappointing?
  • Is there dissatisfaction?
  • Is it difficult to find the right candidate for a particular position?
  • Do you easily want to assess employees with a high level of acceptance at which talents, competences and 360° feedback play a central part?

If so: let’s meet, free of charge! Find out what Dynamisch Bureau can do for you and your organization!

Talent management using a powerful method

Dynamisch Bureau is certified to work with the powerful TMA Talent Method. It is a complete method for selecting, developing and assessing employees. The online system makes it possible, among other things, to effectively identify the talents and the aptitude for competencies among employees and teams, to draw up job profiles and to match these with candidates and to implement 360° feedback.

Find some sample reports below:

What will you or your organization achieve with our support?

  • Better results
  • Work with more pleasure
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Lower absence rate
  • The right employee in the right place
  • An assessment cycle that positively stimulates employee development

Want to know more about how we can ensure your talents and those of your colleagues?