Every experience is unique

Dynamisch Bureau responds flexibly to people with different backgrounds and requests for help. Every coachee is supported to discover and use talents and possibilities. Read the experiences of our coachees who have found their way back to work with the help of one of the Dynamisch Bureau programmes.

Bea Carels

“For me, the process has worked as therapy. I’ve had a lot of eye-openers; I have found out what I do want and what my hobby can become.”

Bea Carels

Marjan de Kievit

“I found Dynamisch Bureau by chance via the Internet and it turned out to be one of the agencies recommended by HR. So, that seemed promising! I read the profile of my coach and I immediately knew: I must talk to this woman, she will understand me.”

Monique van der Weijden

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Conny van Leeuwen

“This new road gives a lot of energy. When I’m doing a massage now, I consider myself so lucky!”

Margriet Wolters

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Conny van Leeuwen

“As I progressed through the process, I gained more and more confidence. I felt safe and was able to take steps that I actually found terrifying and secretly wanted to run away from.”

Edith Hählen

“I got a lot of confidence and support from my coach and I am now successful as a self-employed person. I now even live and work on Gran Cranaria part of the time.”

Edith Hählen

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“During the process I learned to accept myself as I am and have now geared my career to that.”

Chantal Lamens

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“Without the confidence of my coach and others during this difficult period, I would not have gotten to where I am today.”

Machteld Verkerk

“I realized that there’s no MUST, and that I always have a choice. I became aware of my own role in my happiness in life and resigned as a teacher.”

Machteld Verkerk

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“Thanks to the guidance, I dared to take the step to start my own company.”

Gerdien van Druten

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“Finding a new job at my age could be difficult. But I managed to do it.”

Willem Moerland

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“You can also find another job if you have work restrictions; there are employers who offer you an opportunity.”

Sandra Korenblom


“For a long time I was afraid that at 50+ I wouldn’t be able to get a job. This clearly turned out to be a misconception.”

Erwin Lemmers


“I now have a sense of life again and I am enjoying my work. I do very different things than I did for years and that I enjoy.”

Robbert Kroon


“It has helped me tremendously to use my network more effectively in my job search.”

Joke Spaans


“I was encouraged to network and quickly found a new job. A great relief for me and my family.”

Danny Hagg


“Thanks to the guidance, I got a grip on my situation again. This gives me a lot of peace and confidence in the future.”

Yvonne Moerland


“The first conversation felt right from the start. A safe environment was created and my coach was knowledgeable.”

Jessica Zalmman


“My coach helped me through the grieving phase and back to a job as a team manager.”

Gerrie de Vries