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Every experience is unique

Dynamisch Bureau responds flexibly to people with different backgrounds and requests for help. Every coachee is supported to discover and use talents and possibilities. Read the experiences of our coachees who have found their way back to work with the help of one of the Dynamisch Bureau programmes.

The experiences of our coachees


“My coach understood me right away and knew how to support me in the different steps I took. Also, whenever I needed a kick up the bum, I got one.”

I found Dynamisch Bureau by chance via the Internet and it turned out to be one of the agencies recommended by HR. So, that seemed promising! I read the profile of my coach and I immediately knew: I must talk to this woman, she will understand me.

I went through a few tough years at the government organisation where I worked, which had had a major impact on me and my family. I was incapacitated for work for some time and was therefore looking for a coach for a second-line labour reintegration (Spoor 2).

Before the start of the reintegration programme, I had already done a lot of (self-) research, followed a mindfulness training and various webinars, and had conversations with professionals, friends and colleagues.

I found the counselling extremely pleasant, warm, personal and also professional. My coach understood me right away and knew how to support and encourage me in the various steps I took. Also, whenever I needed a kick up the bum, I got one. The feeling that I was understood and appreciated by my coach and that I could go to her with questions and doubts helped me a lot. The interviews gave me a clearer idea of my new job direction.

By now, my reintegration has been completed and I am temporarily seconded to another government organisation where I can contribute to a very valuable assignment: handling access requests to the war archives of the Red Cross. I am delighted to be back at work in a friendly environment where I can work with great colleagues. The fact that I feel much better in my work also has a positive influence on my family and other aspects of my life.

I can therefore warmly recommend everyone to start working with a coach with whom you feel connected. Dare to take a good look at yourself and what you find important. This will make it easier to take the first steps towards something new.

My working future is still open, as my secondment will end on 1 March 2021. I just started to look at vacancies again. I hope to be working in a more permanent job in a few months’ time.

A personal message for others? Geez… Go with the flow, enjoy the ride, everything will be fine!

Monique van der Weijden



“This new path gives a lot of energy. When I am now massaging, I praise myself so fortunate!”

I was already at home for a year due to illness when my employer, a non-profit organisation, told me about Dynamic Bureau for a second track. Before I became ill, I was an HR manager, and I suffered from burnout and depression. My body was exhausted and “running away” at the same time, I was sullen and emotional. A simple activity like showering costed me a lot of energy. I was no longer in the mood for activities that would normally relax me. Where I would normally walk 10 km, I could not even walk 1 km anymore.

During my first meeting with my coach, it appeared that I was not yet ready to start the reintegration process, but that I needed to recover more. I totally agreed with that. My coach gave this advice to my employer and I only started the trajectory at DB months later.

The coaching was very pleasant. My coach gave me all the time I needed to express the emotions that were there with regard to my work. Only after I had processed my emotions and frustrations a bit more, we started working on the content. My coach gave me some very practical tips to take better care of myself (e.g. energy management) and gave me insight into my talents and highlights in my life that I am proud of. The big eye-opener for me was the “miracle question”. She asked me to describe in detail what my situation would look like if my problems had miraculously disappeared.

Although I was already well on my way to full reintegration to my old position as HR manager, the miracle question began to sink in more and more. Since I also networked a lot, I got a clear picture of what I really wanted in my professional future. The circle was closed when I realised that this also fitted in perfectly with the results of my TMA Talent Analysis.

In the end I knew what I wanted: massaging and coaching. As of 5 October 2020, I started as an independent entrepreneur: Massage & Coaching Wassenaar. In the meantime, I have treated the first clients and so far I have received very enthusiastic reactions that strengthen me to go all the way for this.

I am very happy with the choice I have made and the contribution of Dynamisch Bureau. Although the opening of my practice is very recent and doing business is new and very exciting, massaging and coaching feels natural. This fits perfectly with my vision on health and well-being and my passion to guide people towards relaxation and vitality for body and mind. As a psychologist and with my HR background, I am used to coaching people. After a thorough massage training, I now offer a beautiful and unique accessible approach that works.

I feel happy, cheerful and full of energy again. The spiral of fatigue, tension, “being done” has been broken and this new path gives me a lot of energy. When I am now massaging, I consider myself so fortunate!


“The programme increased my confidence. I felt safe and was able to take steps that I actually found terrifying and secretly wanted to run away from.”

I came into contact with them through the personnel advisor from my previous job, who had good experiences with Dynamisch Bureau. I had been on sick leave for quite some time and reintegration into my own position as a social worker had failed. Dynamisch Bureau was hired for the second track.

Due to the situation and psychological complaints that I was struggling with, my self-confidence was seriously affected. I did not feel that I would ever be able to work as a social worker again, I had completely lost confidence in myself and also in my environment.

The coaching was really exactly what I needed without realising it beforehand. I had made major and radical changes in my personal life and lifestyle with the help of therapy, but when it came to work, I hadn’t made any progress. My coach took care of me very well in this area. I really felt seen and heard and she motivated me without steering too much. She took all the time to get to know me. We translated my talents and work experience into concrete and practical steps in the here and now. The programme increased my confidence. I felt safe and was able to take steps that I actually found terrifying and secretly wanted to run away from.

Before starting the programme, I was afraid that I might be “pushed” towards work, but this was not the case at all. There was plenty of time to slowly take steps at my own pace. The starting point was: what do YOU need, what makes YOU happy? My coach constantly invited me to indicate my boundaries and when I did she gave me plenty of room for this.

I created a (new) vision of myself and how I want to relate to a new employer. The comment “Your employer should suit you just as well as the other way around” stimulated me to find a workplace that really suits me. The various personality and talent tests I took also offered me many new insights.

Quite spontaneously, I started applying during the process because I saw a very nice position in my old field as a housing counselor, and I was hired! With the help of my coach I was able to agree a secondment agreement between my then employer and the new employer. My coach has a lot of knowledge, including legal, and you notice how experienced she is with this.

The secondment contract has now expired and I have received an annual contract for 16 hours a week. Since I want to work 24 hours, I am applying for another job of 8 more hours. This application process is also going very well. I owe all this to the guidance from Dynamisch Bureau.

My advice to others? Take your time, it will take as long as it has to. I have been on the road for over 3 years in total to get to the place where I am now. Take yourself seriously, gather people around you who understand and support you. Accept that everything will change and try to be open to a new version of yourself. Dare to ask for support if you need it. And see if it is possible to follow a course at Dynamisch Bureau!

Renée Kok



“I received a lot of support and confidence from my coach and I am now successful as a self-employed. I even live and work on Gran Cranaria part-time. ”

I worked as a special educator for many years until I had a car accident. I got a whiplash which caused me a lot of pain and made me feel tired quickly. I no longer had any energy for a social life and standing in front of the class was too demanding. I tried to work for a while until I was completely exhausted.

After being at home for over a year, my employer introduced me to Dynamisch Bureau for second track reintegration. I was very happy to get help in my situation and I immediately clicked with my coach. I had visited two other agencies, but the choice for Dynamisch Bureau was made quickly.

I found the personal guidance in the process and extras, such as the TMA Talent Analysis and taking professional photos, fantastic. I also managed to stay on the right course and make good decisions, helped by the tips and questions from the coach.

In the process, I contacted two organizations in consultation with my coach. With both I was able to gain work experience until the end of my employment: guiding students in robotics and guiding care pupils one-on-one. After my WIA application, I was also able to continue working for both as a self-employed.

It’s a good thing Dynamisch Bureau also carries out UWV programs. As a result, I was able to follow a program at Dynamisch Bureau, reimbursed by UWV, where I received guidance when working as a self-employed. It was very useful and I got a lot of confidence and support from my coach. Now I even have two companies!

As a self-employed person I supervise care students individually under the name Ledith, which stands for: “Learning with Edith”. I hereby focus on expat children. In addition, I am setting up a company in Gran Canaria for activities during the school holidays, Kids & Bricks . Besides playing with Lego, I offer all kinds of activities such as making stop motion videos, robotics and building and learning English. This can be done individually, as a group or as a summer camp. Speaking four languages ​​comes in handy here. Kids & Bricks is a great new adventure which makes me live and work in a wonderful climate, meet lots of nice new people and do what I stand for: making learning fun for children!

What else do I want to say to others in a similar situation? Know that when doors close, other doors open again. I promise. Never give up and work towards achieving your goal, step by step. Follow your heart and do work that you enjoy. Dynamisch Bureau can help you with that!

Edith Hählen

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“I have learned to accept myself as I am and have now adjusted my career accordingly.”

The organization I worked for was subject to change and I was no longer in the right place. After working there for 12.5 years, together with my employer, I decided to stop working and I became a candidate for outplacement. I found the Dynamisch Bureau website through Google and what I read appealed to me. The personal and pleasant approach was confirmed in the introduction meeting.

The first period was tough. Fortunately, my coach guided me well in this. My experience is that you really have to go through the stage of grief, otherwise you cannot look to the future with a fresh perspective.

During the process I got a better view of my talents through talent cards and the extensive report of my talents and drives. The support in redesigning my resume and writing an objective has also helped me enormously. Thanks to all the insights and my personal development during the process, I took the step to start as a freelancer. After that I was also well guided in writing my business plan and creating my website.

The thing that helped me the most in the whole process is that I learned to accept myself as I am. I have adjusted my career to this. My advice to others? Find a good coach, who works on the basis of trust, openness, honesty and who stimulates and challenges you. It will make you stronger. Dynamisch Bureau has many coaches who can help you with this.

Chantal Lamens



“Without the confidence of my coach and others during this difficult period, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now.”

I worked at my previous employer for over 25 years, the last 12 of which I worked as a salary administration employee. I enjoyed working and got on well with my colleagues.

At some point my job changed in such a way that it didn’t really suit me anymore. My employer and I eventually parted in good harmony. I was offered a settlement agreement with an outplacement programme at Dynamisch Bureau.

From the first meeting with my coach of Dynamisch Bureau, there was a click that I normally do not easily get with a “stranger”. I usually keep a safe distance. Talking about my feelings was something I didn’t do at all. However, that barrier was not present during the conversations I had with my coach. It felt very open and familiar. I was looking forward to my appointments.

The situation I found myself in had much more impact on me than I initially realized and made me very uncertain. A lot had changed in the field of job applications. Because I had to look for another job I was confronted with all different kind of things. All of these aspects received attention in the process. I updated my resume and adapted it to the current standard. I also made a LinkedIn profile. It was a very big step for me since I did not use any social media. I started working on this in a group session. It was nice to see that you are not alone. Suddenly I was found on LinkedIn by recruiters!

Eventually I returned to work through a trial placement. I ended up in a close and very nice team. My new colleagues made me feel welcome from the start. It did have quite some trouble with the work at the start, it was a completely different way of working than I was used to. I reached a point where I did not have the confidence that this was my “place”. Fortunately, my supervisor thought differently and had faith in me. In a three-way conversation with my Dynamisch Bureau coach and my employer, we discussed my performance and how I should be guided based on my TMA Talent Analysis. After extending the trial placement, I got a six-month contract and I’m really enjoying my job!

Without the confidence of my coach, my new supervisor and others during this difficult period of time I would not have gotten to where I am now. I would advise everyone to seek help if you find yourself in a tough spot like me. I highly recommend Dynamisch Bureau.

Peter Eijs



“I recognized that nothing is set in stone, and that I always have a choice. I became aware of my own role in my happiness and quit my job as a teacher. ”

I came into contact with Dynamisch Bureau through my previous employer. I was very unhappy at work as a primary school teacher and it had a big impact on my personal life. To be honest, I did not really like my life any longer.

During the process with Dynamisch Bureau I gained insight into my talents and possible positions in which those talents would optimally be utilized. In addition, the conversations with my coach made me realize that nothing was set in stone, and that I always have a choice.

I became aware of my own role in my happiness at work and in life. I learned to feel what suits me and to choose it. In the end I resigned, even though I forfeited all my rights.

Both through networking and applying for a job, we managed to get me back to work in time. I now work part-time as a salaried office worker and as an independent website builder. I feel more free, happier and balanced. I can now enjoy the moments when I don’t have to work, although it takes time to get used to it and to learn to ‘get off the treadmill’.

My advice to others? If your work doesn’t feel right, stop as soon as possible! Don’t muddle through, wasting precious years. Live your dreams and do what feels right. Use your own unique talents as much as possible to make both the world and yourself richer.

Machteld Verkerk



“Thanks to the guidance, I took the step to start my own company.”

Because of the insights I gained at Dynamisch Bureau and the enthusiasm of my coach, I took the step to start as an independent entrepreneur! My coach was involved and objective. She used various techniques that I could use in order to get clarity. That also meant that I had a lot of influence on this process.

I used to be an HR manager and a department manager at a small company with about 50 employees. I slowly realised that due to the diversity in my job responsibilities, I no longer knew what I was good at and what I liked doing. This made me feel insecure about my performance and my future and also a bit aimless with regard to a possible next job.

When I started the program at Dynamisch Bureau the company was sold and I was made redundant, which made it even more necessary to clarify what my strengths are and what I liked. The guidance program has been an excellent help in this.

I now own ‘De Ondernemerswinkel’, where I offer entrepreneurs a place where you can work on starting out and developing your ow business. I rent out workshop space and offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to network among themselves.

My personal message: “work with a coach and discover and do what suits you!”

Gerdien van Druten


“Finding new work at my age could have been difficult. But I did it. ”

When I knew that I would lose my job due to a dismissal situation, I searched the internet for outplacement agencies. The Dynamisch Bureau website definitely stood out. I had an introduction conversation with five agencies and I felt most at home at Dynamic Bureau.

My coach did not have an opinion staight away, listened well and did not come up with a detailed plan. I liked that a lot. I normally approach things like this: ‘if it cannot be done as it should be done, it should be done as it can be done’. A detailed route is too constricting for me, so I liked this way of working.

I had never been fired and I was like “what’s going on here?” You often hear that finding a job at the age of 60 is very difficult. But sitting at home for months did not appeal to me at all and I wanted to get to work as soon as possible. I now work in the hospital where I worked for 23 years in the past and I am very satisfied with that. I feel at home and I work 4 days a week instead of 6 days, as I did in my previous job. The salary is considerably lower, but more than enough to make a good living out of it.

In the process I was able to keep control. I also liked that there was enough room to discuss matters that were not directly related to finding work.

The recurring advice to be patient has helped me a lot. I got the confidence that it would work out in the long run. In addition, I have benefited a lot from helping me create a good resume and LinkedIn profile. My coach advised me to network which I didn’t really embrace at the beginning. But when I got serious about networking, I did end up getting a job!

My tips for others in a similar situation? First of all, try not to doubt yourself, remain critical and patient. In addition, start networking as soon as possible and find a good coach who can guide you in the process and whom you can talk to. I’d definitely recommend Dynamisch Bureau!

Last but not least, if you are out of work try to enjoy the freedom and the possibilities you have as much as possible. I have been working since I was 18 and had never been “off”  for 6 months before my dismissal. During my time as a job seeker, I did a lot of work, but I have also been able to be a lot more social with my family and friends. That was definitely worth the effort and uncertainty!

Willem Moerland