‘Are you looking for answers? I have the questions!’

Arjan uit de Bosch

Arjan uit de Bosch

Career coach / TMA talent professional

“Lots of people get asked to make career choices in their early years. I reckon you can’t make those in your teenage years or early twenties due to the lack of experience in life. At this point a lot of wronges choices are made. Later on you’ll find yourself in a situation where you are forced to look at your career again. I think it is important that this is approached properly and that people look for what really suits them. I have been in a similar situations where I had to re-think my choices and make different decisions this time.

After my technical studies at the Hogeschool Utrecht, I ended up at an environmental consultancy firm, where I soon had nothing else to learn in the ‘technical’ field. However, I always unconsciously looked at the talents of my colleagues so that I was able to put together the right team to make a project a success. For that reason my supervisor told me I should do “something with people”. In my first coaching training I found out he was right.

With my analytical view on talents and my empathy for people, I started to focus on coaching and training employees and organizations where personal development is a challenge.

I joined Dynamisch Bureau as a career coach because coaching people to a suitable working environment is what I like to do. With sincere attention, fun, ability to put things into perspective and my years of knowledge, I guide people to a new working environment and the optimal use of their talents.

I know from my own experience that there is much more possible in your career than you’d first thought. You need confidence, curiosity and above all courage. But if you actually do what you are cut out to do, you will get a lot in return! I’d be really happy to support you in this!”

Arjan likes to guide entrepreneurs: go to the entrepreneur coaching page.