‘You don’t have to be able to see the whole path to take the first step.’

Nicole Kroesen

Nicole Kroesen

Coach / TMA talent professional / Second track programme counselor

“Sometimes you embark on a path in your life, but you feel drawn to another one. And sometimes you run around in circles for a long time before you find the right way. I once graduated as a company lawyer, but when I started working, the “human side” turned out to suit me more than the rules, the legal side.

After deliberation, I chose a new path: that of HR. I followed higher vocational training in Personnel & Labor in the evenings and set up a P&O department within an organization that had existed for years. For 20 years I worked in both profit and non-profit organizations and experienced all aspects of the HR profession there.

When I finally left my last employer, working as an employee no longer felt right for me. I loved the independent entrepreneurship and I decided to take the plunge. At the same time my marriage ended and I moved. A lot of steps at the same time and I couldn’t see the whole path at the time. I didn’t foresee all of this when I was 18.

As a self-employed I first started working with the long-term unemployed. I helped them to get back into the job process as well as possible and find a paid job. When the opportunity came along to do outplacement and second track routes, I took on that opportunity with both hands.

I joined Dynamisch Bureau because having colleagues and working as a self-employed person go hand in hand here. It is nice for me to be able to share knowledge and experience and thus help each other, and at the same time I also love being my own boss.

Nicole likes to guide entrepreneurs: go to the entrepreneur coaching page.