Modular Services from UWV

The aim of our support within Modular Services is that, after the program, you are ready to take further steps towards the labor market. One of our specialized coaches will guide you through this process.

A tailor-made route

At Dynamisch Bureau you can get a reintegration program through the UWV that exactly matches your situation, possibilities and wishes.

These programs are reimbursed by UWV, such as for people who have a sickness benefit, WIA or Wajong benefit or are assessed at <35% WIA.

We offer the following modular services:

  • Participation intervention
  • Promote social participation
  • Guidance on training/study

Together we explore what you need to be able to look forward again. Are you experiencing obstacles because of your health or have you become insecure because of everything you have been through? Maybe it feels hopeless and you don’t quite know where to start?

In the process, we take small, achievable steps that will get you back on track. You will resume new activities with our guidance. So that you regain (self) confidence, learn to cope better with the possible limitations of your health and get new perspectives for the future.

Do you come for study guidance? Then we’ll help you structure and shape your studies, dose your energy and plan well. In this way, we give you the tools to enjoy the training or course and be able to successfully complete it.

We will discuss what can help you within this Modular Service and create the reintegration plan. After the plan is approved by UWV, the trajectory starts as soon as possible.

What is accomplished by “Modular Services”?

  • Your circle of social contacts is expanded;
  • You get a picture of the activities you would like to pursue;
  • You do volunteer work;
  • You’re doing more exercise;
  • You can start a follow-up program (eg. Making you Work fit);
  • Your physical and psychological capacity increases;
  • You better set boundaries;
  • You can participate in organized activities.

After this counseling, you can continue to use Dynamic Bureau for Werkfit Maken or Naar Werk via UWV. That’s nice, because you don’t have to go to another agency for the follow-up.

Wondering how we can help you with Modular Services on behalf of the UWV?