Neurofeedback with home training

Neurofeedback is a training of your brain that reduces certain symptoms. Dynamisch Bureau works with a unique method of neurofeedback: one even where you can train yourself at home. This results in an optimal training result.

What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a scientifically based brain training in which you influence your brain at home with the help of positive feedback. We work with Brainmarker who has developed a special app that makes training at home possible.

The complaints in which we advise neurofeedback are:

  • Stress symptoms
  • Concentration issues
  • Hyperactivity and impulsivity
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Overstimulation
  • Dejection
  • Anxiety

Consider for example of these complaints in: stress/burnout, fatigue, AD(H)D, long COVID, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) or high sensitivity. We don’t make a diagnosis. Neurofeedback is only used to reduce the above-mentioned symptoms.

Neurofeedback training can be used as a separate process or as part of your counseling program. Often this is a reintegration process, but with anyone experiencing the above symptoms, neurofeedback is recommended.

Results: 26-55% reduce of complaints

Scientific research and experience show a marked improvement in the level of complaints. The complaint reduction obtained with the app that we use varies from 26 to 56% depending on the experienced complaint.

Brain states vary throughout the day

The basis of neurofeedback is the EEC measurement. The EEC band measures the overall activity of the brain and shows the most common states: underactivation, inhibition, activation and overactivation. Brain states vary throughout the day. That is healthy. With certain complaints, we see that certain brain states are insufficiently varied and/or that the brain is chronically in this state. For example, during prolonged stress, we see a lot of high-beta waves, even at rest. When underactivated, we see proportionally large numbers of theta waves, even when performing a task. This means that the brain does not switch up and concentrating is difficult.

The brain learns through reward

With neurofeedback, we are going to reward the brain when it has the condition we want. We don’t know exactly how this positive reinforcement works, but at some point the brain ‘knows’ how to get something done. Compare it to teaching a child to ride a bike. This takes a lot of practice. If the child remains seated well at any time, the brain is positively reinforced. The child stays well seated for longer and longer without falling. This learning is with long-lasting results: you never forget how to ride a bike.

Choose your own Youtube movies

In neurofeedback, you get positive feedback when your brain shows the desired state. On your tablet or phone, the screen with a video becomes larger as positive feedback, so you can see it better. Thus, in the case of desired brain activity, the brain is rewarded. Because of this, the brain is going to call up this state more and more often even when you are not training. You can upload your own Youtube videos to make training attractive.

Lasting results through home training

Training three to four times a week is necessary for good and lasting results. With other neurofeedback training programs, this is difficult because you have to come to the practice. Through Dynamisch Bureau, this is possible because you can train at home with a mobile or tablet and the EEC band you get from us.

For a long-term effect with ADHD symptoms, for example, you train for at least 40 sessions. Stress related complaints are a condition and can be visibly improved in as little as 20 sessions. Your neurofeedback trainer will review and set this up with you.

What does a neurofeedback program look like?

You first have a pre-measurement with one of Dynamisch Bureau’s neurofeedback trainers. This could be your coach at Dynamisch Bureau, where you also follow a coaching program, or a colleague. Here you also fill in a questionnaire (0 measurement) to map out your symptoms. After that, the training starts. After each training, you indicate in the app how you thought it went. Your trainer will see this and also your treatment results and will be your point of contact during the entire process if necessary. It is nice to have someone looking in, this often adds to the motivation to persevere. After the training period, there is a follow-up measurement with the same trainer. Again, you fill out a questionnaire and we review together how the symptoms have been reduced.

Neurofeedback with home training - Dynamisch Bureau

The brain does not lie

Your brain measurement gives us a lot of information. For example, we can indicate what type of work environment (low-stimulus vs. varied) and what type of exercise is recommended for your brain type (strength training vs. cardio). This in turn can be included in a possible coaching program alongside the neurofeedback training.

Are you curious what neurofeedback can bring you?