Career coaching

Career coaching helps you discover what you want to do in the future career wise. For example when your work no longer suits you and you’re not happy. Receive career guidance from Dynamisch Bureau and quickly gain more insight and perspective!

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the situations below:

  • Has so much changed that your work no longer matches your talents?
  • Do the organization’s mission and vision no longer match with who you are or want to be?
  • Are you increasingly reluctant to go to work and does this keep you up at night?
  • Do you want to investigate your next steps in your career from your current position?
  • Would you like to grow further at your current employer?

Don’t bottle it all up and seek our support. Dynamisch Bureau has years of experience in guiding people in comparable situations. Together with a personal coach from Dynamisch Bureau you will quickly and thoroughly create clarity in your situation and work on a promising future perspective.

What career coaching offers you:

  • More confidence in the choice (s) you want to make;
  • Clarity on whether you want to keep your current position;
  • More insight into your talents and pitfalls;
  • Clarity about your profile, wishes and possible positions by using our extensive test portal, which includes the TMA Talent Analysis;
  • A good personal presentation;
  • Formulating the next step in your career, your motivation for it and why you are suitable for it.

This can either be an employed or self-employed job. Dynamisch Bureau has a lot of experience in guiding entrepreneurs when starting out their business.

Effective programme, possibly with follow-up

A career guidance programme usually takes about three months. We often offer a package of 10 or 15 hours. If you want you can also spread the hours over a longer period of time, whichever suits you best. In addition to your individual sessions, inspiring group sessions are regularly organized in which you can participate at no additional costs.

After finishing the career guidance programme you have much more insight into your career goals and you got the tools sto achieve them. We can also support you on this. For example, Dynamisch Bureau will help you to apply effectively, to network or to set up your own company. We’ll make sure you feel happy and satisfied again with the work you do!

Do you want to know how we can help you and what your career path could look like?