Test portal

To support the various coaching processes, we work with various analyzes and capacity tests. We have placed these tools in a test portal so that the coaches can always offer a test quickly, without delaying the process.

Better view of your talents

If you do work that suits your talents you can really excel! The talent analysis shows you a better view of your talents. You will also know which competencies are easy to learn and which won’t suit you. We compare you to a “norm group” (the Dutch Working Population) so we can show you the difference and for you to find out in which you are really “special” or “distinctive” compared to most other people. We will discuss the analysis with you so that you can get started with these insights. Below you will find two sample reports to give you an idea of ​​what the test measures and includes.

Professional and activity interest analysis

The professional sector and activity interest analysis shows which sectors and activities appeal to you.

Test capacities

To get an idea of ​​whether a direction fits your cognitive skills, a number of capacities tests are available. Capacities can be measured for the following components:

  • Logical figurative insight;
  • Logical numerical insight;
  • Logical language insight;
  • Technical insight;
  • To check;
  • To calculate.