UWV To Work

Get back to work in a job that suits you! UWV’s To Work route follows Fit for Work or starts immediately when you are ready to work. After a period of incapacity for work, it can be difficult to find yourself a new job and support can be pleasant.

Working together

Does an employer really need me? How do I go about it? What do I say about my illness when applying for a job? All these questions can keep you busy. Then it is very pleasant to work with an experienced coach from Dynamisch Bureau. Together with you we go for a job that suits you well!

Dynamisch Bureau coaches many clients with one or more psychological impairments. People with autism, burnout, depressive complaints or personality disorders, for example. We include these so-called impairments and other barriers in the process. We take this into account and at the same time we mainly look at your talents and what is possible!

What do you achieve with the To Work process?

  • A good presentation of your career goal;
  • Optimal use of networks in your process to work;
  • Effective use of social media, such as LinkedIn (including a professional profile photo);
  • Apply successfully by working on your cv, application letters and interviews, together with your coach;
  • View all relevant job vacancies with our job system Jobport;
  • Gain insight into what you do and do not want to tell a potential new employer;
  • Negotiate well when applying.

Our main goal: a job that fully matches your wishes and possibilities. We aim for result!

Years of experience

Dynamisch Bureau was established in 2005. Since then, we have coached more than a thousand people in their careers, both on behalf of UWV and other organizations.

Our results are excellent! We achieve this by using our extensive network of potential employers and the extensive experience of our coaches.

Do you want to know how we can help you with a reintegration process on behalf of UWV?