Our outplacement program provides pleasant and effective guidance towards a new job that will make your eyes twinkle. You’ll be back in the right place very quickly!

Outplacement: have you just lost your job – or are you about to lose your job and:

  • Are you not sure how to find work again?
  • Do you feel insecure about your future?
  • Are you struggling with your emotions, such as anger and sadness?
  • Do you want a job that really makes you happy?
  • Don’t know which kind of job suits you best?
  • You have received an outplacement budget and are looking for an agency which focuses on you and your specific situation?

What does an outplacement program looks like?

Dynamisch Bureau offers you outplacement which exactly matches your wishes and needs. Our goal is to quickly find you a new job that completely suits you and makes you happy. The duration of an outplacement program can vary from 6 to 9 months.

Our outplacement programs are always tailor-made.

What can you expect in an outplacement program:

  • Processing your dismissal;
  • Gain insight into “what do I want?” and “what can I do?”;
  • Clarity about an appropriate and realistic career goal;
  • Learn how to present your talents and what you are looking for;
  • Effectively learn to network and apply for positions;
  • Professional photo for your resume and social media;
  • A striking resume and matching letter by choosing from various formats;
  • Use of Jobport for labour market information and vacancies among other things;
  • How to negotiate when you apply for a position;
  • Use of the Dynamisch Bureau network.

Check here the structure of an outplacement process.


Personal coach and group sessions

During the outplacement process at Dynamisch Bureau you have your own coach with whom you have one-to-one conversations. Your personal situation is always the starting point and the focus of attention.

In addition to the individual sessions, you also have the opportunity to participate in inspiring group sessions. We regularly organize group sessions with a different theme each time, such as “pitch your talents”, “effective networking” and “the job interview” (in Dutch).

If you are ready for paid employment, you can join our Job Connection meetings (in Dutch).

The purpose of all meetings is to support each other in finding work, learning from each other, inspiring each other and using each other’s network if possible.

Our coaches

All our coaches have the right skills to fully support you. They all have completed a post-HBO Coaching Course (or similar), have extensive work experience and a large network of potential employers as independent entrepreneurs. The career coaches are registered with Noloc, the professional association for career professionals and job coaches.

Guidance from start to finish

An outplacement process can change your situation, which is often very painful, into a good new challenge and working environment. Our coaches are happy to assist you in making that change possible.

When you get back to work we won’t throw you in the deep end, but we can continue to coach you until you are completely in the right place again! What matters to us is you and your success in your new work. Work that makes your eyes twinkle!


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