Dynamisch Bureau makes it possible for higher educated employees and teams to “live” their talent. With our guidance, talents become clear, results improve and people find work where their hearts are at home.

Talent­ management


Dynamisch Bureau wants to prevent dismissal and dropout – due to illness – as much as possible. For that reason we support the use of talent management, or talent-oriented work.



Our outplacement program provides pleasant and effective guidance towards a new job that will make your eyes twinkle. You’ll be back in the right place very quickly!

Reintegration 2nd track
Re-integratie 2e spoor

Our reintergration second track program connects to your wishes, situation and talents to come to a new and postive start. The program follows the rules and guidelines that the UWV requires.

Why choose a route at Dynamisch Bureau?

  • The introduction is free of charge;
  • We specialize in guiding higher educated people with the Networking Works method;
  • We score well above average. For example, we have successfully completed 95.5% of the 88 Work Fit projects and 53.6% of the 28 To Work projects for the UWV. At all agencies this is an average of 84.8% and 50.5% respectively.
    And we also received a customer satisfaction score of 8.4 for Werk Fit and for To Work (Measurement UWV for 2020). For non-UWV even a 8.7;
  • Wherever possible, we deploy our large network of potential employers for you;
  • Since our start in 2005, we have successfully guided more than 1000 people to work;
  • We offer many extras in our individual pathways, such as: Jobport job system, a professional photo, group meetings, TMA Talent Analysis, etc.;
  • All coaches are self-employed and also excellent equipped to assist with (starting up) your own company;
  • All career coaches are NOLOC professionals.

A selection of our coaches

Maaike Pronk

Maaike Pronk, commercial director / owner

“I want to contribute with my company to prevent lay-offs and illness. I’ll do this by allowing work to match people’s talents as much as possible. If dismissal or illness is still an issue, I would like to help people “take advantage” of these difficult situations, so they will be able to make a positive new start.”

Atie van Gennip

Atie van Gennip, coach / TMA talent professional

“I enjoy guiding people in their work and life, by asking the right questions and researching possible answers. With respect for your past, I will identify what inspires and motivates you now. We recognise what is there and explore the possibilities. So that you can face your future with confidence!”

Twan Fenger

Cees Eenhoorn, coach / TMA talent professional

“I would like to assist my coachees in finding meaning in work and life. Guiding people in the versatile quest of life gives me satisfaction and positive energy. Together we look for the talents and skills that can help you achieve your goals. I would like to support you to start moving to find the right place.”