Second track reintegration

In the second track reintegration process at Dynamisch Bureau we match your wishes, situation and personal talents. The process also fully meets the requirements set by UWV.

Second track: create new opportunities and find a suitable job from your situation of illness

It can be difficult to return to work due to illness. You might prefer to return to your old work, but that is no longer possible, or it is not certain whether you can return to your old work.

You may wonder if employers are waiting for you and you may feel insecure due to your limitations. How will you handle it, what are alternative positions for you, what do you want to tell the employer and what not?

These are all questions that can keep you busy and with which a personal coach from Dynamisch Bureau can help you in a second track reintegration process.

Dynamisch Bureau, an excellent choice

Dynamisch Bureau has excellent results and high customer satisfaction.

We have a lot of experience in guiding emotional and psychological complaints. This includes burnout, autism, depression, personality disorders, fears and psychosomatic complaints.

The employees of Dynamisch Bureau are independent entrepreneurs with years of entrepreneurial and work experience who use their extensive network of potential employers for you.

What do you achieve with second track reintegration:

  • Barriers that make it difficult for you to return to work, such as insufficiently setting your limits and insecurity about yourself, have disappeared;
  • Clarity about your talents and a good personal presentation;
  • Insight into your talents, possible positions and directions by using our extensive test portal;
  • Clarity about what you want and can do;
  • Network successfully in order to find a job;
  • Make optimal use of social media;
  • A professional profile photo by our photographer;
  • Apply effectively: make a good cv, write application letters, practice job interviews;
  • Clarity about what you do and don’t want to share with a potential new employer;
  • Negotiate well when applying;
  • Our goal: a job that makes you happy again!

A regular coach and a choice for group sessions in the second track reintegration

During the entire reintegration second track process at Dynamisch Bureau you will be supported by your own personal coach with whom you have individual sessions. Here you have all the time and space for your personal process.

In addition, we regularly organize interesting group sessions (in Dutch) with a theme, such as “talents”, “pitching”, “networking”, and “the job interview”, in which you can participate, together with others who also get support from us for their careers. During the sessions there is a lot of recognition, support and the possibility to network!

If you are ready for paid employment, you can join our Jobconnection meetings. The goal is to support each other in finding work, to learn from each other, to inspire each other and to use each other’s network where possible.

Do you want to know how we can help you and what your second track reintegration can look like?