Team sessions with talent as the basis

With Dynamisch Bureau’s TMA Team Sessions teams get to work on their development in a positive way. The team members are coached in making optimal use of each other’s talents. This improves the atmosphere within the team, there is more acceptance of the differences between the team members and the results improve. Work on development with the TMA team session.

Team sessions with talent as the basis

Before the team sessions starts each team member individually does the TMA Talent Analysis. During individual meetings, provided by one of the TMA Professionals of Dynamisch Bureau, the team members get a good idea of ​​their own talents and their aptitude for certain competencies. The results of all team members are displayed in a TMA Team Report, see Team Reporting Motives and Talents. After the individual meetings the team sessions takes place. Depending on your questions and wishes, several half-days can be arranged.

Example team programme:

On the first half-day we mainly pay attention to the team talents and how the talents are distributed. The employees get a better view on their own talents and each other’s talents. We also discuss what they want to achieve as a team and points for development. An overview of the Team Report can be shown to the team.

On a follow-up day we support the team in evaluating the Action Plan, adjusting the agreements and securing the results. Want to know more?