TMA Talent Analysis of Dynamisch Bureau

An important part of the TMA Talent Method is the TMA Talent Analysis. This is a questionnaire which you complete online. You’ll discuss the resulting report with one of the TMA Talent Professionals of Dynamisch Bureau in order to give meaning to the results. The Talent Motivation Analysis (TMA) is an instrument that shows your personal drives and talents. You’ll know precisely what your unique, added value is.

TMA Talent Analysis of Dynamisch Bureau

The TMA Talent Analysis offers you (better) insight into your personality, natural talents and the aptitude you have for certain competencies (to what extent it is easy or difficult for you to develop these competencies).

We notice that people often take their own talents for granted. Since your results in this analysis are compared with a norm group (the Dutch working population), you will find out on which points you score higher than the average fellow person.

Image: an example of a radar with corresponding score on 22 drives.

Many analyses or tests measure a limited number of behavioral characteristics. A pitfall in these research methods is “parochialism”, such as: you are “blue” and I am “red”. The TMA Talent Analysis is more complex and measures 22 drives and 44 talents. This provides a more extensive and nuanced picture.

In addition to your strengths, the report and discussion also focuses on your “pitfalls”, the way in which people can best communicate with you, and what an ideal working environment is for you.

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