TMA Talent Experience

There is no better way to assess what the TMA Talent Method can offer your organization than to experience it yourself. We do this with the TMA Talent Experience! We simulate issues that affect your organization in a workshop by providing you with insight into the TMA portal full of insights, advice and solutions. And that at no cost!

Developing talents and preventing absenteeism

People work best, learn faster, take initiative and take ownership when they do work that matches their motivations, talents, cognitive skills and competencies. The TMA Talent Method has been developed as a foundation for Integrated Talent Management.

The aim is for employees to enjoy going to work more happily by doing work that suits them and by using and further developing their talents. This will improve business results and prevent sick leave as much as possible.

Integrated Talent Management

Dynamic Bureau, in collaboration with TMA Netherlands, supports organizations to implement Integral Talent Management. HR, the individual, the organization, teams and management use the TMA method and all its functionalities to optimally excel in collaboration.

This could include:

  • Improving collaboration one-on-one or in the team
  • Taking responsibility (ownership)
  • Preventing mismatches in the recruitment of new employees
  • The right employee in the right place
  • Having the right conversation

How does the TMA Talent Experience work?

A maximum of 5 employees complete the TMA Talent Analysis, the individual analysis that forms the basis of the entire TMA Talent Method.

We discuss in advance which issues or challenges exist within the organization, so that we can specifically address them during the experience.

The experience of a maximum of 2 hours is then scheduled. As well as the 5 employees who completed the analysis, other employees are of course also welcome to discover all the possibilities of this excellent method.

Curious about the options for your organisation?