“Why make it difficult when you can do it together?”

Anoeska Kalloe

Anoeska Kalloe

Coach / second track programme counselor / TMA talent professional

“Why make it difficult when you can do it together?” This quote resonates well with me. When I got overwrought due to work that no longer suited me for a while, I initially started working independently. I tried several things to figure out exactly what I wanted. But alone is alone… As a medical analyst in a hospital, I was mainly working in the background for patients. Because I wondered if this was really all I could get out of life, I added several tasks. I became a certified confidential advisor, I was responsible for everything related to interns and I noticed that many colleagues wanted to share their story with me. The common thread is my sincere interest in my fellow man. Our coachees will now also experience this with me. I often hear that people quickly feel at ease with me. When it didn’t work out with the search for another job, I followed the training for happiness at work coach. It helped me with my own process and is especially applicable in my work at Dynamic Bureau. Using various tools, the questions “Who am I?”, “What do I want?” and “What can I do?” bright. These must be answered first.

By going through the entire process myself, I know what kind of challenges you can encounter. I now use this experience and the tools to support others in this process. The most important lesson for me was the realization that I didn’t have to do it alone. Because together you go further! I also completed the training all-round coach. Life coaching, budget coaching and career coaching were part of this. Especially the combination of career coaching with guidance on happiness at work comes together well at Dynamic Bureau. At Dynamic Bureau we believe in the connection between coach and coachee. This is what I totally agree with and why I joined. By really listening to your story, I am happy to support you in finding your happiness at work in a suitable working environment!

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