“A crisis is also an opportunity for change.”

Brenda Akoma - Dynamisch Bureau

Martijne Sevenhuijsen

Coach / TMA talent professional / second track programme counselor

‘Born and raised in distant, tropical places, I knew at a young age that everyone is different. I found that fascinating. I’ve always been curious about the people around me and what moves them.

I went to law school and started my career as a lawyer at a large law firm. The choice for the Law degree programme was made by the mind and not by the heart. Due to my restless childhood with many relocations, I now opted for certainty and clarity.

After a few years as a lawyer, I wanted something else. Partly because of a traffic accident, my old job as a lawyer was no longer suitable for me. I went to college to be a career coach. During this period, I have experienced for myself the impact that illness and loss can have on your life, but also how you can turn a crisis into an opportunity. A chance to get ahead: different from before but sometimes closer to yourself and where your heart lies. I also experienced how important fine and good guidance is in this process. Meanwhile I am 50 years old, coach, friend and mother. It is with great pleasure and love that I combine these roles.

The people I coach appreciate my keen analysis and perceptive questions. My style is direct and warm at the same time. As my coachee, you feel seen, heard and I think safe to share everything. I listen and feel what you want to say between the lines. Because my life path has also had its ups and downs, I know that things are not always easy. Sometimes you need someone to help you make targeted choices and get moving.

Dynamisch Bureau offers me the opportunity to share knowledge with other coaches and to continue to develop myself. Because personal growth never stops!’

Welcome at my locations:

Het Coachhuis, Oosthaven 12, 2801 PB Gouda
De Compagnie, Geestbrugkade 32, 2281 CX Rijswijk
Het Coachhuis, Maliebaan 45, 3581 CD Utrecht