“Live from your imagination, not from your history.”

Sandra Woelders

Sandra Woelders

Career coach / TMA talent professional / second track programme counselor

“I believe in ‘living consciously’ and therefore making conscious choices: choosing things that give you energy because they suit you. With your personality, values, motivations, and talents. I also believe that you are happiest when you fully accept yourself for who you are. That is a process that I am constantly working on myself, and some days I am better at it than the next :).

After my Psychology studies I worked in business for 15 years. Through my work as a team manager, I discovered that I get a lot of energy from coaching people. That is why I trained as a coach and career coach a few years ago and became self-employed.

In my coaching I apply different principles of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). I also work with Nonviolent Communication, systemic constellations, Transactional Analysis and mindfulness.

As a career coach, I am solution-oriented, enthusiastic, empathetic and due to my background in business, I have a broad network in the Amsterdam region.

In addition to my work as a (career) coach, I am also a certified stress counsellor and I enjoy being able to offer you tools to increase your internal resilience. Together we will work with both the physical and the mental elements that provide more balance in your life. With the aim of developing other behavioural and thinking patterns so that you continue to feel vigorous and energetic.

Through my network I ended up at Dynamic Bureau and there was an immediate connection. The way this company works, going the extra mile, really appeals to me. I enjoy being surrounded by colleagues who learn from and inspire each other. Dynamic Bureau believe you should ‘live your talent’. I fully endorse that. I like the fact that as coaches we are consciously being deployed for our talents. And that enables me to provide you with the best support suited to you!”

Welcome at my location:

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 282A, 1012 GL Amsterdam