Your coach question is the start of our journey. I’ll accompany you for a while. I like to give you something that you will benefit from for the rest of your life, therefore: “temporariness that lasts”.


Marion Plugge

Coach / TMA talent professional

‘Temporariness that lasts.’

People fascinate me enormously; it is with good reason that I once studied Sociology. Coaching is my passion and life: I get inspired from every conversation and I always get something out of it.

I come from a family with five children. I am the oldest one and was born and raised in The Hague. I now have 2 adult children I love. I have lived in Rotterdam since 1974. This is a city after my heart: I clearly experience the mentality of “actions speak louder than words”, which suits me.

For years I worked at the national government in various positions: as an organizational consultant, an (interim) manager and management development consultant. I also coached trainees and managers of the national government.

I followed various training courses in the field of coaching, including that of the School for Coaching, the training for inspiration coach and the training of Intercoach, this is coaching by and for (national) civil servants.

I really enjoyed working at the national government: social involvement and working on relevant policy still appeal to me. I started at “environment” at the time, that topic is still of great interest to me.

However, I also experienced the disadvantages of working for the national government: bureaucracy, hierarchy and sometimes power games. I made a conscious choice to step out of this work and focus only on coaching.

All answers to your questions are present within yourself. I listen carefully, I ask questions and keep asking until we get to the heart of your story. I do this with respect, from my heart and with great pleasure. I am practical, got empathy and I inspire confidence. I like to use humor and creativity.

I am happy to be part of the Dynamisch Bureau team. The motto: “optimal use of talent” appeals to me, I feel at home. Moreover, it is nice to be part of a team, to be able to use each other’s knowledge and skills in cooperation. The ultimate goal is for people to be able to continue on their own.