‘Someone with certainties is a contemporary of the past, someone with a dream is a contemporary of the future.’

Brenda Akoma - Dynamisch Bureau

Robbert Jan Eenhoorn

Coach / TMA talent professional

‘The unicorn (eenhoorn) is a mythological animal and my last name. It is the symbolic expression of the process of self-understanding and self-knowledge. The place of the horn on the forehead of the unicorn represents the ‘third eye’: the place of insight and self-knowledge.

My last name suits me well. For more than 20 years, I have been guiding people to new jobs or a different purpose in life that provides enjoyment and meaning. Self-insight and reflection are then indispensable.

After a period in commerce in which I felt less and less at home, about 30 years ago, I was dismissed. This brought me back to myself for a period of reflection in which I discovered that I was not as commercial as I wanted to make myself and those around me to believe.

In that period, I discovered that I am much more of a ‘heart’ person, something that was missing in my commercial work. From a desire, dormant for years, to know ‘what’s what’, I found first a Buddhist Teacher and later a Native American Indian. From them I learned a lot. They brought me to self-insight and self-knowledge, the basis of my work as a coach.

My parents strove to give me the best in my childhood. But unconsciously and involuntarily I took over much of what did not really belong to me. Gradually, by taking a good look at myself, I learned to leave behind what no longer served me and to discover new aspects of myself.

After years of working independently as a coach, I wanted to work with others again. Dynamisch Bureau and especially the holistic vision of cooperation, ‘the whole is more than the sum of its parts’, fits me like a glove. From this partnership, I would like to go on a journey of discovery with you and find out what suits you! ‘