“Become the best version of yourself.”

Brenda Akoma - Dynamisch Bureau

Bianca Spits

Coach / second track programme counselor /TMA talent professional

‘To my knowledge, there is no one who consciously chooses a career as a coach after finishing secondary school. The same goes for me. Life’s dynamics made me consciously choose this amazingly beautiful subject at one point.

From a creative background, my career as a photographer began. The thing that appealed to me the most was the contact with people. When I made a portrait of someone it was important for me to make real contact and to see the person behind the mask. Then it became a portrait on which the person could really be seen.

Basically, this is still what I do: enter into conversation out of a healthy curiosity and really see the other person. Together, we listen to what someone wants to tell himself. The personal life story is the starting point and serves as a red line in this search.

As a coach, I’d like to give guidance to someone in this. You will discover for yourself and be responsible for your own personal development. With me by your side, though.

In the meantime, I have enriched myself with a lot of training and expertise in my field. But one thing remains the essence and that is the person I meet opposite me. And the belief that everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves.

My professional backpack is filled with fields of expertise such as Voice Dialogue, Systemic Drawing, Biographical Working, Deep Democracy and I have even been able to integrate my love for horses and sometimes use them in coaching.

In addition to my work as a (career)coach, I am currently studying to become an analytical therapist. In this subject, you work with the unconscious. I believe that people’s subconscious is much smarter than we think and that the greatest treasures can be found here.

My approach is practical and solution-oriented. Based on a personal approach, my goal is to offer a certain perspective and to give confidence in a sustainable and future-proof solution. Coaching processes result not only in insights but above all in concrete results, plans for the future and recovered energy.

I also believe in the power of networking, and it is precisely through this network that I came into contact with Dynamisch Bureau. The way of working, the professionalism in combination with the personal touch of this company, appeals to me immensely. I like the fact that I am surrounded by colleagues so that we can learn with and from each other. Dynamisch Bureau is synonymous for “live your talent”. Let that be very thing what I live for!’

Welcome at my location:

Van Oldenbarneveltlaan 2, 2582 NN Den Haag