“Between dream and action lie the right steps.”


Sebastiaan de Vries

Coach / TMA talent professional

‘The right steps’, that sounds very simple. However, easy solutions often don’t exist, because you would have solved it that way a long time ago. I believe all people seek the good for themselves and for others. Yet sometimes things can turn out differently than you dreamed of as a child.

Sounds familiar? Then there may also be an opportunity to change it. I would be happy to guide you to a new workplace, where you will be fully empowered. A place that makes you happy and where your qualities come into their own. I can also guide you within your current workplace, but with just those new insights or conditions needed to be in your place here. That may seem far away now, but as I know from experience myself, you can come out of that stronger.

Maybe it is first necessary to grieve when you have lost your job and opportunities. If you can accept the loss and let go, there will be space for something new. It will be fun and exciting again to follow where your heart really lies. Without pressure and in a safe environment, we will explore together. You have got the answers and I am happy to support you in finding them and implementing them step by step.

In my own career, I was also often searching for the right answers. As a child I dreamed of becoming a musician. However, I did not dare to take the step to study at the conservatoire. ‘That’s really only for the super talented’, I thought at the time. So I went on to study History like my uncle and then found a job in ICT. Meanwhile, my heart kept yearning for the music. In 2012, I set up my own music business: lessons, workshops and life performances. How exciting it was when I changed my LinkedIn profile from Software developer to Workshop leader, percussionist!

Looking back, that was the moment when I started to take control more into my own hands. What do I want? What do I need for that? What opportunities do I see and what steps do I need to take? In this process, I received great support from different coaches. That got me so excited that I did an NLP and a coaching course and am now nearing completion of the 4-year course in Body-Focused Psychotherapy.

It became my dream to pass on my experiences in making my career choices to others. I think the whole process of transformation involved is the most beautiful thing there is. Precisely because I know it so well myself, it is nice to be able to pass on some of this. In addition to my musical activities, that’s my job. It makes me happy.

At Dynamisch Bureau, I have found a team of coaches with a heart for people and their unique talents. This is where I feel at home. From this team environment, I can support you even better.