“Every walk in nature yields more than we look for.”

Twan Fenger

Wil Vernhout

Career coach / TMA talent professional

“I grew up in a large cozy family with 12 children. Because of the many brothers and sisters I learned how to survive in a group. I had and still have a disability in my legs, which made it an extra challenge. It was often literally and figuratively “trial and error”. The family gave me every opportunity to develop into who I am today.

When I started working, it was more than 20 years as an HR advisor. In this position I spoke to several employees who were reluctant to go to work. The work no longer suited them and they found it difficult to discover what they did want. I noticed that it fascinated me to explore with them what interested them and what they were good at. When I heard that there was a course for career advisor, my choice was quickly made. Over the years I have supplemented this training as a career advisor with all kinds of courses and training, such as: solution-oriented coaching, psychodrama and stress counselling.

I like to see people enjoy going to work. That is why I would like to discover with coachees where their talents and interests lie.

Together we look for work that gives satisfaction and energy.

My favorite workplace is outdoors in nature. If possible, I will take you to a forest or park where we can talk while walking. Fortunately, I can walk well with the handicap on my legs. We don’t have to keep looking at each other while walking and if we don’t say anything for a while, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Nature provides many opportunities to use as a metaphor for what is happening at that moment. All in all a very nice way of working!

Because I heard good reports about Dynamic Bureau, I chose to work for them. Dynamisch Bureau sees the person in the coachee and is genuinely involved with them.”