Building an outplacement trajectory

An outplacement process at Dynamic Bureau has 3 phases and always starts with a no-obligation, free introduction.

Personal, free introduction

You can always contact Dynamic Bureau quickly for a free personal introduction. You have this with the coach who guides you through the entire process. Discover during this introduction whether the personal click is present and whether our working method matches your wishes and situation.

Phase 1: The preparation

When people start outplacement, they often end up in a difficult situation with the employer. Think of a labor dispute, a reorganization or dismissal due to redundancy.
Your possible anger, insecurity and sadness about losing your job may need attention before you are ready for the next step. In ouroutplacementtraject and especially in the first phase, we dwell on this.

Other barriers that may stand in the way of returning to work, such as insufficient energy to take action, ineffective communication, or inability to set boundaries properly, are given the attention they need.

Phase 2: Career orientation

When you’re feeling a bit more comfortable, it’s time for phase 2: career orientation. The purpose of this phase is that you gain clarity about your objective. This objective is a description of your next career step, your motivation for this and why you are suitable to do that particular job.

To clarify your objective, you can use our extensive test portal in which you can, for example, get started with aTMA Talentenanalyse.
With the TMA Talent Analysis you get off to a flying start and your self-confidence gets a huge boost. As soon as your talents are known, the conversations with your coach and various assignments help to discover which direction you want to go and how you can use your talents.

Your personal presentation gets a lot of attention at Dynamic Bureau. You present your talents and your goals to your coach and others around you. This exercise and the feedback you receive will help you refine your presentation and ensure that your message comes across optimally to the other person!

Phase 3: Job Marketing

In the third phase you will get to work on achieving your objective. By networking and applying effectively, there is a good chance that you will achieve success.
We support you in this phase with, among other things:

  • Approaching employers for an exploratory network conversation via our network or your own
  • improving your resume
  • writing letters
  • conducting (network) conversations

The use of social media, such as LinkedIn, is optimized where possible, with a professional profile photo taken by our photographer. With our job vacancy system Jobport you are always fully informed of all vacancies that match your objective.


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