“The programme increased my confidence. I felt safe and was able to take steps that I actually found terrifying and secretly wanted to run away from.”

Rene kok
I came into contact with them through the personnel advisor from my previous job, who had good experiences with Dynamisch Bureau. I had been on sick leave for quite some time and reintegration into my own position as a social worker had failed. Dynamisch Bureau was hired for the second track.

Due to the situation and psychological complaints that I was struggling with, my self-confidence was seriously affected. I did not feel that I would ever be able to work as a social worker again, I had completely lost confidence in myself and also in my environment.

The coaching was really exactly what I needed without realising it beforehand. I had made major and radical changes in my personal life and lifestyle with the help of therapy, but when it came to work, I hadn’t made any progress. My coach took care of me very well in this area. I really felt seen and heard and she motivated me without steering too much. She took all the time to get to know me. We translated my talents and work experience into concrete and practical steps in the here and now. The programme increased my confidence. I felt safe and was able to take steps that I actually found terrifying and secretly wanted to run away from.

Before starting the programme, I was afraid that I might be “pushed” towards work, but this was not the case at all. There was plenty of time to slowly take steps at my own pace. The starting point was: what do YOU need, what makes YOU happy? My coach constantly invited me to indicate my boundaries and when I did she gave me plenty of room for this.

I created a (new) vision of myself and how I want to relate to a new employer. The comment “Your employer should suit you just as well as the other way around” stimulated me to find a workplace that really suits me. The various personality and talent tests I took also offered me many new insights.

Quite spontaneously, I started applying during the process because I saw a very nice position in my old field as a housing counselor, and I was hired! With the help of my coach I was able to agree a secondment agreement between my then employer and the new employer. My coach has a lot of knowledge, including legal, and you notice how experienced she is with this.

The secondment contract has now expired and I have received an annual contract for 16 hours a week. Since I want to work 24 hours, I am applying for another job of 8 more hours. This application process is also going very well. I owe all this to the guidance from Dynamisch Bureau.

My advice to others? Take your time, it will take as long as it has to. I have been on the road for over 3 years in total to get to the place where I am now. Take yourself seriously, gather people around you who understand and support you. Accept that everything will change and try to be open to a new version of yourself. Dare to ask for support if you need it. And see if it is possible to follow a course at Dynamisch Bureau!