Margriet Wolters: “This new path gives a lot of energy. When I am now massaging, I praise myself so fortunate!”

Monique van der Weijden

I was already at home for a year due to illness when my employer, a non-profit organisation, told me about Dynamic Bureau for a second track. Before I became ill, I was an HR manager, and I suffered from burnout and depression. My body was exhausted and “running away” at the same time, I was sullen and emotional. A simple activity like showering costed me a lot of energy. I was no longer in the mood for activities that would normally relax me. Where I would normally walk 10 km, I could not even walk 1 km anymore.

During my first meeting with my coach, it appeared that I was not yet ready to start the reintegration process, but that I needed to recover more. I totally agreed with that. My coach gave this advice to my employer and I only started the trajectory at DB months later.

The coaching was very pleasant. My coach gave me all the time I needed to express the emotions that were there with regard to my work. Only after I had processed my emotions and frustrations a bit more, we started working on the content. My coach gave me some very practical tips to take better care of myself (e.g. energy management) and gave me insight into my talents and highlights in my life that I am proud of. The big eye-opener for me was the “miracle question”. She asked me to describe in detail what my situation would look like if my problems had miraculously disappeared.

Although I was already well on my way to full reintegration to my old position as HR manager, the miracle question began to sink in more and more. Since I also networked a lot, I got a clear picture of what I really wanted in my professional future. The circle was closed when I realised that this also fitted in perfectly with the results of my TMA Talent Analysis.

In the end I knew what I wanted: massaging and coaching. As of 5 October 2020, I started as an independent entrepreneur: Massage & Coaching Wassenaar. In the meantime, I have treated the first clients and so far I have received very enthusiastic reactions that strengthen me to go all the way for this.

I am very happy with the choice I have made and the contribution of Dynamisch Bureau. Although the opening of my practice is very recent and doing business is new and very exciting, massaging and coaching feels natural. This fits perfectly with my vision on health and well-being and my passion to guide people towards relaxation and vitality for body and mind. As a psychologist and with my HR background, I am used to coaching people. After a thorough massage training, I now offer a beautiful and unique accessible approach that works.

I feel happy, cheerful and full of energy again. The spiral of fatigue, tension, “being done” has been broken and this new path gives me a lot of energy. When I am now massaging, I consider myself so fortunate!