“I received a lot of support and confidence from my coach and I am now successful as a self-employed. I even live and work on Gran Cranaria part-time. ”

Edith Hählen
I worked as a special educator for many years until I had a car accident. I got a whiplash which caused me a lot of pain and made me feel tired quickly. I no longer had any energy for a social life and standing in front of the class was too demanding. I tried to work for a while until I was completely exhausted.

After being at home for over a year, my employer introduced me to Dynamisch Bureau for second track reintegration. I was very happy to get help in my situation and I immediately clicked with my coach. I had visited two other agencies, but the choice for Dynamisch Bureau was made quickly.

I found the personal guidance in the process and extras, such as the TMA Talent Analysis and taking professional photos, fantastic. I also managed to stay on the right course and make good decisions, helped by the tips and questions from the coach.

In the process, I contacted two organizations in consultation with my coach. With both I was able to gain work experience until the end of my employment: guiding students in robotics and guiding care pupils one-on-one. After my WIA application, I was also able to continue working for both as a self-employed.

It’s a good thing Dynamisch Bureau also carries out UWV programs. As a result, I was able to follow a program at Dynamisch Bureau, reimbursed by UWV, where I received guidance when working as a self-employed. It was very useful and I got a lot of confidence and support from my coach. Now I even have two companies!

As a self-employed person I supervise care students individually under the name Ledith, which stands for: “Learning with Edith”. I hereby focus on expat children. In addition, I am setting up a company in Gran Canaria for activities during the school holidays, Kids & Bricks . Besides playing with Lego, I offer all kinds of activities such as making stop motion videos, robotics and building and learning English. This can be done individually, as a group or as a summer camp. Speaking four languages ​​comes in handy here. Kids & Bricks is a great new adventure which makes me live and work in a wonderful climate, meet lots of nice new people and do what I stand for: making learning fun for children!

What else do I want to say to others in a similar situation? Know that when doors close, other doors open again. I promise. Never give up and work towards achieving your goal, step by step. Follow your heart and do work that you enjoy. Dynamisch Bureau can help you with that!