Complaints procedure

At Dynamisch Bureau we will do everything we can to satisfy our coachees and clients and to guarantee our quality. We hope this won’t be necessary, but just in case, you’ll find our complaints procedure below.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1 Definitions

In these regulations the following terms have the following meanings:

a. “DB”; Dynamisch Bureau BV The Hague

b. “Complaint”; any expression of dissatisfaction with conduct, action or omission by (an employee of) DB;

d. “Employee”; anyone who performs work for DB, regardless of whether he is employed by DB or hired as a self-employed person. Conduct by an employee who works under the responsibility of DB is regarded as a conduct by DB.

Article 2 Right to complain

1. Every interested party has the right to file a complaint with DB about the way in which DB has behaved against him or her or someone else in a particular matter.

Article 3 Proper treatment

  • DB is responsible for the proper handling of verbal and written complaints about its conduct.

Chapter 2. Handling complaints

Article 4 Submitting a complaint

1. The complaint is sent by letter or email ( and contains at least:

a. the name and address of the submitter;

b. by letter: the date;

c. a description of the conduct against which the complaint is directed;

d. the employee(s) to which it relates.

2. DB may decide not to deal with a written complaint that does not comply with the first paragraph, provided that the submitter has had the opportunity to complete the complaint within a reasonable period of time.

Article 5 Intervention

1. As soon as DB has dealt with the complaint to the satisfaction of the complainant, the obligation to continue to apply these regulations is no longer valid.

2. Upon request, the complainant will be informed in writing that DB assumes that the complaint has been handled satisfactorily.

3. If the complainant is not satisfied with the handling of his or her complaint this will further be treated according to these regulations.

Article 6 Acknowledgment of receipt

1. DB will confirm receipt of the complaint in writing within three working days.

2. The acknowledgment of receipt states:

a. the processing time;

b. the further procedure;

c. the contact person;

d. the opportunity to be heard or to refrain from doing so.

3. When it is immediately clear that a complaint is not intended for DB, DB will immediately forward this complaint to the institution that is authorized to handle this complaint. DB will immediately inform the complainant about this.

Article 7 Impartial complaints officer

The complaint is handled by an employee who has not been involved in the conduct to which the complaint relates.

Article 8 No obligation to handle certain complaints

1. DB is not obliged to handle the complaint if it concerns conduct:

a. about which a complaint has already been submitted that has been dealt with in accordance with these regulations,

b. that took place more than a year before the complaint was filed.

2. DB is not obliged to handle the complaint if the complainant’s interest or the conduct being complained about, is evidently not of a serious enough nature.

3. If it concerns a fact for which the complainant can raise an objection to or appeal with or against one of DB’s clients, DB cannot handle the complaint. DB will then forward this complaint to the responsible organization.

4. If a complaint is not taken up, the complainant is informed of this in writing as soon as possible, but no later than four weeks after the complaint was received.

Article 9 Obligation to send documents tot the defendant

A copy of the complaint as well as the accompanying documents will be sent to the person to whose conduct the complaint relates.

Article 10 Right to be heard

1. DB gives the complainant and the person to whose conduct the complaint relates an opportunity to be heard.

2. It may be decided that the complainant will not be heard if the complaint is manifestly unfounded or if the complainant has stated that he does not wish to exercise the right to be heard.

3. A report of the hearing is drawn up.

4. A copy of the report will be sent to the complainant on request.

Article 11 Processing times

1. DB will handle the complaint within six weeks after receipt.

2. DB can adjourn the processing period for a maximum of four weeks. The complainant and the person whose conduct the complaint relates to will be notified of the adjournment in writing.

Article 12 Processing

1. DB informs the complainant in writing, stating reasons, of the findings of the investigation into the complaint and of any conclusions it may draw from it.

2. No objection or appeal can be lodged against a decision regarding the handling of a complaint about DB’s conduct.

Chapter 3. Other provisions

Article 13 Accountability information

1. DB is responsible for registering the complaints submitted to it.