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Workshop “Optimal use of talent!”

The workshop “Optimal use of talent!” is especially for HR employees and decision makers who want to strengthen their organization using talent management and who want to improve the motivation and productivity of employees. The workshop will be given at the location of your own organization and is given by our commercial director Maaike Pronk.

Preventing dismissal and illness

Due to our experience in outplacement and reintegration programmes, we consider the prevention of dismissal and absenteeism to be extra important. Optimal use of employee talents is an important link in this. That is why we support organizations in using talent management, or talent-oriented work.

Organizations increasingly choose to focus on further developing and strengthening the behavior that employees have a talent for. Talent management has a positive effect on motivation and productivity. By appealing to his talents the employee is much more motivated to change wherever necessary and to take personal responsibility for his learning process.

Having employees use and improve their talents is pleasant and shows good results. This takes much less time and effort than encouraging an employee to improve where there is not much personal talent.

In the workshop you will become acquainted with the various possibilities of the TMA Talent Method and ways to use this within your own organization. It is also made clear how you can gain a better insight into the learning ability and the learning needs of the employee. What motivates this employee, which of these competences show potential?

We not only provide an explanation of the theory, but we also work with your own talents to experience for yourself what talent management has to offer.

Programme workshop

Depending on the needs and the available amount of time, the details of the workshop will be discussed with your organization. An indication of the duration is 1.5 hours.

Cost and location

The workshop is given at the location of your own organization. An expense allowance of € 75 excluding VAT applies to the workshop, including TMA’s book ‘Van Talent Naar Performance’.

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Background information

Dynamisch Bureau supports organizations in the implementation of talent management, or talent-oriented work. We use the powerful TMA Talent Method for this. The basis for the TMA Talent Method is the individual TMA Talent Analysis.

The TMA Talent Analysis tool is also very suitable for team development. All team members do an individual TMA Talent Analysis and then work in a positive way on the various outcomes and similarities within our TMA Team Session service.

Talent management with a powerful methodology

Dynamisch Bureau is certified to work with the powerful TMA Talent Method. It is a complete method for selecting, developing and assessing employees.

The online system makes it possible to:

  • effectively identify the talents and the aptitude for competencies among employees and teams;
  • draw up job profiles and match these with candidates;
  • and implement 360° feedback.

Find some sample reports below: