Entrepreneurial coaching, valuable before and after starting your business

Dynamisch Bureau focuses on three target groups with its entrepreneurial coaching: starting entrepreneurs, self-employed persons and SME entrepreneurs. This way, we can zoom in on your specific points of attention and needs.

Starting entrepreneurs

As a starting entrepreneur, Dynamisch Bureau is the right place for you. No less than 30% of starting entrepreneurs stop within a year. Of course, you do not want to be one of them. Part of our guidance is a TMA Talent Analysis. This tells you exactly what your talents and drives are, and you will also learn for which competencies you have a predisposition and for which you do not. This way, you will immediately know when it is better to engage someone else. If necessary, we will then use our network to put you in contact with possible cooperation partners.
In addition to gaining more insight into you as an entrepreneur, we will also draw up a good business plan together. This way, you are well prepared and can continue your business for a long time.

Self-employed persons

You have been working as a self-employed person for a while now and you have the feeling that things are not going as you would like. Your income is not enough, or you have the idea that you are not yet getting the best out of yourself. Is my focus clear, how can I enter into more collaborations?

Dynamisch Bureau can also help you as a self-employed person. A TMA Talent Analysis gives you more clarity about what you really excel in, and also where you will have difficulties. The entrepreneurial coaching helps you to know which choices you have to make and puts you into action. You will get out of bed happily again!

SME entrepreneurs

You have built a great company, but you want it to be different. Maybe you want to grow further or change your focus. It is very pleasant to work with a business coach of Dynamisch Bureau, someone who knows what it is like to have a business with employees and everything that comes with it. Together with you, we will determine your personal goals and get to work on them. A TMA Talent Analysis can give you a lot of clarity about your talents, motives and predisposition for competences. You make decisions and take action!