It became my dream to pass on my experiences in making my career choices to others.

Sebastiaan de Vries

Coach/TMA talent professional

“Between dream and action lie the right steps.”

“’The right steps’, that sounds very simple. But often, there are no easy solutions. If there were, you would have already done it. I believe that all people seek the good for themselves and for others. However, sometimes things can turn out differently from what you dreamed of as a child.

As a child I dreamed of becoming a musician. However, I did not dare to take the step to study at the conservatory. ‘That’s really only for extremely talented people’, I thought at the time. Like my uncle, I went on to study History and found a job in IT. This gave me the financial means to go to Africa a lot and buy a houseboat, where I could practice music every day. In 2012 I set up my own music company: lessons, workshops, and live performance. How exciting it was when I changed my LinkedIn profile from Software developer to Workshop leader, percussionist!

Looking back, that was the moment when I started to take more control into my own hands. What do I want? What do I need for that? What opportunities do I see and what steps do I need to take? I received great support in this process from different coaches. They helped me to take the right steps in setting up my own company. That made me so enthusiastic that I did an NLP and coach training and now I’ve almost finished my 4-year Body-oriented psychotherapy training.

It became my dream to pass on my experiences in making my career choices to others. The focus is on your personal well-being. Are you comfortable in your own skin and what makes you happy? Your work is always an important part of that, because it connects you to society. That is my vision: people’s happiness comes about through meaningful and warm contact with others.

You may currently find yourself in a situation where you don’t know how to proceed. If you have little to lose, it often gives you the space to try something new. It is important to have someone at your side, who will first help you to find your passion and take the necessary steps to achieve it. You have the answers and I am happy to support you in finding them and implementing them step by step. ”

In addition, I enjoy working at Dynamisch Bureau. I can tap into the knowledge and experience of all my colleagues in the search for your ideal job. I feel totally at home at Dynamisch Bureau and we share the same people-oriented vision that allows talents to come into their own.