For me there is nothing better than helping and coaching people.
Ron Felius

Ron Felius

Career coach/TMA talent professional

“I do not care what you do, I care what it does to you.”

“For 20 years now, I have been coaching people in making choices for their careers and turning them into action. I had the pleasure of taking a look behind the scenes at many companies. I have gained an incredible wealth of experience. I am happy to share this experience with you!

This can be in the area of gaining self-confidence, investigating which functions or sectors suit you best or taking the first steps towards the job market. I do this in a sincere, humorous, enthusiastic and decisive way.

I myself have a broad background. After my training at the Hotel and Catering School, I left for the Caribbean after having worked for the Air Force. I did this to make my dream of living in a warm country come true. Back in the Netherlands, I ended up in the corner of outplacement and coaching.

I joined Dynamisch Bureau because they stand for quality. The personal approach and “bringing out the best in people” are what I personally go for and what gives me energy.