It gives me great pleasure to give my coachees the rest to make good choices.
Petra van Schagen

Petra van Schagen

Career coach / TMA talent professional

“Life is so short, do what gives you pleasure.”

“As a daughter from an entrepreneurial family I have known from an early start what self-reliance means. Incentives such as “you will have to do it yourself, someone else will not do it for you” have brought me a lot. Later on, I discovered that this could also turn against me. By not asking for help and not setting boundaries for myself, I often “lingered” for too long in a position that no longer gave me job satisfaction. I now use this experience in my work as a career coach.

After finishing the hotel management school I worked as a manager in the catering industry in the Netherlands and also abroad for some time. As a manager, I always paid more attention to the people than to the numbers. Because the more in-depth conversations with my employees gave me great satisfaction, I wanted to do more with that and after a while I switched to recruitment & selection. However, I did not yet find the depth that I was looking for.

After a period of “hanging in there” I decided to attend training as a career advisor. I further explored people’s choices regarding work in combination with developments on the labor market. In the past 20 years I have guided many people on all kinds of often complex career issues, both in the profit sector and for the government.

I enjoy working from a genuine interest in you. I know how to make people enthusiastic about making better use of their network, for example by using LinkedIn or other social media. As long as it suits you. I regularly approach my own extensive network and that of my colleagues within Dynamisch Bureau to bring you one step closer to your goal.

It captives me that “the people” are always the top priority at Dynamisch Bureau. With our work we want to prevent people from getting ill from the work they do by focusing on their talents and promoting job satisfaction. I wholeheartedly endorse that.

Sessions with me take place away from the hectic everyday life in the ‘Fort van Penningsveer’ on the green side of Haarlem. I also regularly take my coachees for a walk in the beautiful surroundings. I am looking forward to meeting you!”