Helping people to seize opportunities, to develop themselves and to see them do things that they did not think possible. That is what I wanted to do!
Michail Levitin

Michail Levitin


“Living through your talents opens up possibilities that were previously hidden.”

“I am a mix of different cultural backgrounds, a real ‘hodgepodge’. At a young age, I experienced many changes. I think my background and all these changes have strengthened my curiosity about others. I also understand like no other that a new phase in life can be extremely stressful. Sometimes forced, sometimes chosen, but always stressful.

As a young man, commerce came easily to me. I was attracted to various positions within commercial organisations until I realised what I really liked.

I then made the switch to professional coaching and followed an accredited training course with great pleasure. And I have not regretted one bit!

I strongly believe in people’s peculiarities and talents. That is also what my motto is about. If you know what your talents are and how you can make the best use of them, you will see opportunities where they were previously invisible. Then you can map out a route and take steps towards your personal goal. And that is exactly what I like to help you with.

People who have worked with me describe me as energetic, open-minded and optimistic. Achieving great results together, that is why I do it. You are responsible, and I stand beside you and support you where I can.

Dynamisch Bureau offers me colleagues I like working with. Even the name is matches my working method very well: supporting you in moving forward towards your goal. Now that’s dynamic!”