Now that I have learned to let go, everything spontaneously comes my way. I want others to experience the same!

Linda Hennig-Wijmer

Coach/ TMA talent professional

‘Look what a beautiful story is forming!!’

“Life is a road full of experiences and lessons. What you find on your way shapes your life. I woud like to say “embrace it and learn from it.” Use and create opportunities in your life, even if the unknown is sometimes scary. Accept that you are not in control of everything and see which beautiful story is being created!”

From this view I coach people, because help from others can be welcome if you encounter obstacles on your life path. Whether from a situation of disability, career orientation or a need to find yourself again, customized service is the key.

I have been guiding people for more than 25 years. Before I started working as an independent coach, I did this from the positions of HR advisor and recruiter in business and government. I performed this work until I noticed that my energy was decreasing, and partly by being coached myself, I developed the desire to do something different. I quit my job and I completely focused on coaching. Although this was a scary choice, I never regretted it.

Terms like common sense, transparency and care characterize my work style. Coachees often feel quickly at ease. I love seeing how resilient people are and what they can achieve from their strength. I am married and have two studying daughters.

I joined Dynamisch Bureau because quality is of importance, which is essential when working with people. My experience in coaching, HR and recruitment is a good basis for all forms of guidance that Dynamisch Bureau offers.”