I started working for Dynamisch Bureau through an advertisement on the LinkedIn page of Noloc. I feel very much at home. Nice colleagues, informal atmosphere and everything is aimed at positive results.
Kitty van der Kroon

Kitty van der Kroon

Career coach / TMA talent professional

“Create your own future now before someone else does it for you.”

“Coaching puts people first, not the process. It is good to be able to help the person you coach find a new job, but it is even better to give him or her the tools and skills to be in control from now on.

Previously I worked as a nurse, a duty manager at Schiphol, a team manager of a call center and a project manager at Telfort. Now I help people create their own future before others do. Thinking in opportunities and possibilities, trying to achieve results in different ways. If one way doesn’t work, we’ll try the other. It is wonderful to do work that gives you energy and may help others find a job like that too! ”