If you’re looking for a positive “big stick”, I am the right person to talk to.

Conny van Leeuwen-Baart

career coach/TMA talent professional

”Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.”

“At some point in your life you may think: “is this it? ” and “do I want to keep doing this until my retirement?” Maybe you are looking for a new challenge in your work to find more energy, balance or meaning. I recognize your position. Sometimes it is time to consciously choose a new way.

As a coach I think it is important to approach your career question in a positive, future-oriented way. Get to know the underlying motives, your motivation and your talents. We look at your energy providers and energy leaks so that you also work in an environment and function where your talents come out best.

You are at the center stage during the process, so that your underlying drives and talents are discovered. Together we work on a successful result of your search, “hands-on” and practically applicable. We are working to make you stronger and more confident and present yourself with more confidence. I think it is important to take small steps to your desired goal. You can do more than you may think.

I have worked in financial services for years in a wide variety of positions. Sometimes by trial and error, sometimes with uncertainty, but just as often with the opportunity for a considerable challenge. But there comes a time where you think: “do I still fit into financial services and do financial services still suit me?” Since the answer was “no” it was time for a new challenge. I found a new career in coaching, which I have been doing for a few years now.

In retrospect, all these facets of the work process have taught me a lot and have made me dare to say: “don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.”

I joined Dynamisch Bureau because of the personal approach and the company’s objective. We provide tailor-made services so that talents are used optimally, and we make a positive contribution to people’s work and careers. I think it is very important to deploy, use and strengthen everyone’s talents. It is also nice to work together in a team of professional career coaches.”