“Many small steps take you far!”

Saskia Roosen

Saskia Roosen

Career coach / TMA talent professional / second track programme counselor

“Early in my life I learned that if I wanted to change something, I could make choices myself and take action. I learned to listen to what felt right at the time and take the necessary steps, no matter how narrow I liked that too.

With great pleasure I now guide other people in (learning to) make their own choices and to get moving. Many small steps will take them far!

I have had varied jobs, which I have always found great satisfaction in, such as youth work, artist management, theater technician and manager at a large welfare organization. In this last position I conducted many application processes from the employer side, which meant: reading letters, making selections and conducting job interviews. This experience will come in very handy now!

When I lost my job in 2011, it was time for me to explore new opportunities. I was pretty stuck by my own high sensitivity, and couldn’t do much with it. I sought and received help with this.

The world was open to me, but it was not yet clear to me which next step I would take. A career path helped me a lot in making that choice. The common thread in my career has always been guiding people and I ultimately chose to guide people with their career questions. I have followed a course to become a career coach, and completed it with pleasure and success. In addition, I noticed that many of the people I mentor are highly sensitive, and that this affects how they feel in their work. To better deal with the specific career questions of HSPs, I have followed a training to become a high sensitivity expert.

Now I work for Dynamic Bureau. What appeals to me is that, although I work here as a self-employed person, I am part of a team. Dynamisch Bureau offers me many opportunities for deepening and knowledge gathering, such as intervision and theme meetings. A lot is offered to the participants in trajectories, such as the group sessions and Jobconnection. This really appeals to me.”

Saskia likes to guide entrepreneurs: go to page entrepreneurs coaching.

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Vlietweg 14/15, 2266 KA Leidschendam