‘Every ending is the start of a new beginning.’

Sandra de Vries

Sandra de Vries

Team Coordinator / Career coach / TMA talent professional / Second track programme counsellor / Neurofeedback trainer

“From childhood, I knew what I wanted to be: a doctor. I really wanted to make people better. During my school days, however, it soon became clear that Chemistry and I did not go well together, so at an early age I had to think about studying something other than Medicine. I was still thinking about healthcare and ended up studying Health Sciences. A great, educational study, but the jobs my fellow students went on to do did not suit me. I started working as a teacher myself and then as a networker. I got little satisfaction from my work and got stuck.

I then engaged a career coach. I wanted to investigate what really suits me. The best move of my life, because going back to what had been my passion as a child allowed me to explore what I wanted in the future. And even then it became clear again: I want to help people become ‘better’. Care was not really an option anymore, but there were plenty of other options. The career coaching profession appealed to me the most. After all, work is a very important part of our lives, and I have personally experienced how essential it is to be in the right organisation at the right position. Training as a career coach became my next step and I have never regretted it for a moment. Several fulfilling jobs as a coach followed.

In my coaching, I find it important to look at who you are, what makes you the way you are and what you need to find or keep that suitable job. Of course, we do this together, getting to know each other and having several conversations. We also deploy the TMA Talent Analysis and various tests and you will receive assignments from me. My intuition is an important instrument. Personal attention ensures that the course is what you need. You are always at the centre.

As team coordinator at Dynamisch Bureau, I supervise not only my own coachees but also the coaches who work with us. I am jointly responsible for monitoring and optimising the quality of our services. This combination of own projects and helping and guiding the coaches so that we achieve
excellent results together is right up my alley!”