“Life is lived forward but understood backwards.”

Rob Overgaag

Rob Overgaag

Coach / Second track programme counsellor / TMA talent professional

Everyone has their own story, the trick is to listen to it without judgment and with an open heart.

As the youngest child of a large family, I learned at an early age to adapt to the environment. To be seen, I did everything I could to stand out.

Later in life this also manifested itself in my work. I was there for everyone and it was never enough. I called myself ‘6x duracell’. I couldn’t limit myself and committed robbery on my body. The highlight of my career was also my lowest point. I fell off my pedestal and ended up in a solid burnout. In retrospect, I can say with conviction that nothing better could have happened to me: I started walking the path ‘from survival to life’.

I have completed a 3-year post-graduate course for coaching in personal and professional development. I am also a certified CSR coach in chronic stress, burnout and reintegration.

Since then I guide people in their personal and professional development.

Working on your physical recovery, improving your self-management, reintegrating and possibly changing jobs, it sounds so easy. But I know from my own experience that it takes strength and courage. It is not the easiest way, but in the end it is the best: ‘what you feel and know inside attracts you like a magnet’.

You don’t have to do this alone. Because of my background, 30 years of experience in business services and job placement, and my passion to guide people in their personal leadership, I am happy to help you further in your development. I help you to get to your feeling and gain insight into your movement forward. Step by step.

I do this by listening carefully to both your verbal and non-verbal communication, asking you the right questions and mirroring your behaviour. All this from an environment of safety and trust. And last but not least: you are in control of the process.

My practice is close to the woods, dunes and the beach. I’d love to take you outside if it suits you. While walking in nature, the insights and answers come naturally. I’d love to go out with you!