‘What makes you tick?’

Nienke Douma

Nienke Douma

Coach / TMA talent professional / Neurofeedback trainer

“I always see the talents of people around me. And I am happy to help people find work in which their talents can best be used and the world becomes a little more beautiful. The work at Dynamic Bureau is therefore made for me.

Already in my youth I learned that it is important to enjoy your work. My parents owned a drugstore. And ever since my mother asked all employees how they could make their work even more fun, I saw these people change. They were given their own tasks and responsibilities and were more committed to the store. That left my parents with time for other things. And the store was doing better and better. When employees do what they do best, the effectiveness is high, the energy is positive and the results are excellent.

For more than 20 years I have enjoyed guiding people in their careers to make conscious choices and develop further.

After all, we are working many hours: It better be good!

My approach is: tune in with what your head wants, listen to what your heart tells you and execute this with your hands. It goes without saying that it is important to set achievable goals.

In recent years I have studied Deep Democracy. As a result, I have learned to listen to all the voices within myself and to take the voice of the minority seriously. Listening to everything that is important before we take action is what I also use in coaching. Together with me you make well-considered choices and you find work that suits you!

Since I became an independent entrepreneur, I consciously make choices in which jobs I want to take on and for which organizations I want to work. It feels good to work for Dynamisch Bureau, because people come first for them. And here I can explore with you how you can “live your talent”.

Welcome at my location:

Surinamestraat 24, 2585 GJ Den Haag