“Follow your heart because it’s right.”

Edith Hählen

Jessica Boonekamp

Career coach / second track programme counselor / TMA talent professional

That our working life is fulfilling is very important to me. That we can use our potential, talents and drive and, above all, ‘follow’ what our inner compass tells us. I am happy to guide you as a Dynamisch Bureau coach so that you can go to work whistling.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t want that? And it really can be done, only sometimes you’ve become a bit further removed from who you essentially are. That does something to your self-confidence. Then it is time to unravel what you are really good at and what you like to do. Once you have answered those questions, we can move on to the next step, which is to explore what role there is that fits you. I can teach you to feel within yourself whether you feel a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. I am good at translating into competences and using my experience to name positions you could go for. I help you formulate your direction attractively so that you can ‘sell’ yourself well.

I love people and all that moves them. My interest in the career coaching profession developed during my career. I have been trained in employment law and have experienced this profession from all angles for 20 years. I know a lot about business, organisations, leadership development and I have a large network. I know what it takes to thrive as an organisation, as a team and as a person within it. I am happy to contribute to that through coaching.

About 10 years ago, I started legally assisting employees with their dismissals. I discovered that an end of employment occurs for a wide variety of reasons, but usually nonetheless because the role no longer really suits the employee. That’s where the ‘shoe’ starts to pinch. And that is allowed, right? We do not always stay the same, we grow, develop and acquire different needs at different stages of life. And yet, I discovered that job loss has a big impact on people and this can be accompanied by all kinds of emotions and negative thoughts. From ‘am I good enough?’ to ‘am I going to be okay?’ And after processing what has been, the need for change and a new perspective often arises.

Besides being a coach and organisational developer, I am the mother of a combined family with 4 adolescents. I love our children very much. Them as well, I guide with great patience and endless love. I am with my soul mate Bart with whom I am embarking on this adventure. We also have an air BNB together: ‘Berries and Beans’.

I am very happy to have joined the growing Dynamisch Bureau because I find it a professional club of people, where we share vibrant energy and exchange professional knowledge.

Do you want to go to work with a smile? I would be happy to guide you there!

Welcome at my location:

Westeinde 19, 2275 AB Voorburg