“Without change, no growth.”

Eveline de Vos

Jacqueline Leemkuil

Career coach / TMA talent professional / Second track programme counselor

“I like to help people with changes in their careers. The fact that I myself love change and variety is reflected in my career. I have held many different positions in various industries, including system administrator, accountant, HR advisor and I am happy to use the knowledge, network and experience I have gained in this work and in various courses for you.

I also have experience with different environments and cultures in my private life. I was born in Apeldoorn and my first day of school was in Suriname. We moved to the Veluwe when I was seven, to Limburg when I was 14, to Utrecht when I was 15 and later, when I was 35, to South Holland. All those environments have ensured that I can properly assess different situations and can easily put myself in your situation. As a career coach, I ask questions, I ask questions and I dare to confront you.

I look at the question behind the question with you. I am practical and goal-oriented and am happy to use my large network for you, and of course also the network of my colleagues at Dynamic Bureau.

I often have creative ideas and will give the best of myself to bring the process to a successful conclusion. I always strive for more and better and know very well the challenge of being satisfied with what is there.

My experience is: if something comes easily to us, we value it less. We are only proud of ourselves when we have to make an effort and succeed. Yet your talent is precisely in the piece that comes easily to you. I’d love to work with you to discover what that is for you.

As a child you learn “how it should be done”, but does that still work for you? Together we will see what works for you now. We have conversations at the office or while walking, I offer you exercises and I inspire you with vacancies, podcasts and articles.

Dynamisch Bureau works with and for highly educated people, which really appeals to me. As a self-employed person, it is very nice to be part of a team. We work well together so that you find work that suits you. I would also like to work with you to achieve this!”

Welcome at my location:

Bieremalaan 73, 2497 AX Den Haag