‘Know yourself, live your unique mission.’


Dominique van Wingerden

Coach / TMA talent professional

“I believe we all have a unique mission. A combination of our desires, talents and drives. As soon as we start using our heads to carry out what our hearts tells us, we will build a more loving world together.”

To gain these insights I went through rough times myself. During my PhD research at the university I got a burn-out. I was in the middle of the rat race and led a life I thought was expected of me. A life where the focus was on what I was doing – I was mostly living inside my head.

After my academic education in HRM and various scientific studies within the field of work and organizational Psychology and Talent Management, I started a professional coaching course. During the one-on-one connection I finally felt at home. I had found my own mission!

In the years that followed I trained intensively in the coaching profession. I followed in-depth courses in the field of stress counseling, respiratory therapy, voice dialoque, systemic work and mindfulness. At this point I have extensive experience in working with people who want to return to work after an intense period (such as a burn-out).

As a coach I experience deep satisfaction in guiding people to do work that really suits them. Clients describe me as a warm and genuinely committed coach who quickly uncovers patterns. My coaching is concise, non-judgmental and pragmatic.

Because “do work that really suits people” is the core of the coaching of Dynamisch Bureau, I joined Dynamisch Bureau with pleasure. It is my passion to discover, together with you, what your calling is and how you can achieve it. It’s time you start living your mission!

Dominique likes to guide entrepreneurs: go to the entrepreneur coaching page.