“Those who want to change, hit the road.”


Annemartine Cox

Coach  / second track programme counselor / TMA talent professional, also for teams

Things may not be going well at your work or your job may no longer suit you. You may also be forced to make a move, for example due to reorganisation, dismissal or illness. If you really want to change something, get going!

I myself have also travelled a road in my career, with twists and turns, dead ends and also beautiful vistas. This has given me insights into the things I enjoy and that energise me. Such as guiding people who want to get moving in their work or on their way to another job.

I myself worked for a long time, and with great pleasure, in the public service. I started as a trainee at the Ministry of Housing, after which I switched to the Environment and Sustainability field. This was first at the national level, then at the Municipality of Utrecht. There, I found that, as a manager, what I enjoyed most was coaching and mentoring the experts in my department. I enjoyed thinking with them about their development and together we looked at what was possible within or outside the organisation. Gradually, I started investing more and more time in coaching and in training as a professional coach. For several years, I worked as an in-house coach alongside my work as a manager. The next step in my career was a logical one for me: in 2019, I quit my job and started as a freelancer. My own coaching business was stepping out of my comfort zone and learning and applying new skills. By trial and error.

As my coachee, I invite you to make choices and learn from them. Also to consciously use your talents and recognise that there are also things that you are less energised by. I work from positive psychology but also deploy other methods such as Bateson’s so-called logical levels of thinking, learning and change and principles of Agile coaching, a method in taking small steps, a lot of practicing, towards your goal i.e. new behaviour or new routines.

Professionalism is important to me, and continuing to develop yourself. I also recognise these values at Dynamisch Bureau. For me, an important reason for joining Dynamisch Bureau. It also provides me with a working environment where I can spar with colleagues. Together we are stronger!

Welcome at my locations:

Dukaatslag 21 3991 TA Houten
Het Coachhuis, Oosthaven 12, 2801 PB Gouda
Burgemeester Verderlaan 9, 3544 AD Utrecht