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Naomi Barnouw

Career coach / TMA talent professional

“Take action and give direction to your career.”

“At Dynamisch Bureau I enjoy guiding our coachees in organizing their working lives. I think it is important to follow your heart. I am always aware of this myself and I encourage our coachees to do the same.

It is nice to do work that makes you happy and that matches your personal ambition. Work has a major influence on our well-being, and it is therefore important to perform work that gives you energy. “If you do what you enjoy doing, you’ll never have to work hard” – Mahatma Gandhi

I like to work on the self-confidence of the coachee so that they take control over their careers again.

I am a connector with a great interest in personal development, people’s life courses and the choices that go with it. I am open to all possibilities that life has to offer. I am a mother of three young children, including twins.

I have a background in employment intermediary and corporate recruiter. In those positions, I selected hundreds of resumes and conducted many job interviews. These years of experience ‘on the other side of the fence’ are a great advantage in my work. I like to share my knowledge about the labor market and today’s recruitment and selection techniques. In addition, this background gave me a large network to use.

I also have a lot of experience in guiding people who have to find a new employer after a longer period of incapacity for work or unemployment. At Dynamisch Bureau I support people who have experienced a burn-out or depression.

I like to challenge people to continue investing in their careers. How they want to organize their life and work, what their ambition is and which steps are in line with this.

People’s talents are my starting point, a view that I share with Dynamisch Bureau. That’s one of the reasons I really like to be a part of this team. We closely observe if we use our talents ourselves!”

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