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Marjan de Kievit

Career coach / TMA talent professional

“Everyone is unique.”

“What makes you “you” and who are you? A question you may not have a clear answer to yet. As a career coach I am happy to assist you in researching that question. To see what you can do and what you want to do.

I worked in job placement and Human Resources for a long time and I have now been active as a career coach for several years.

The choice to become a career coach was not an easy one and came with ups and downs. Looking back I noticed that the “downs” have taught me a lot. That is something I want others to experience too: to gain insights and learn, each in his or her own unique way.

In my employment history I have gained a lot of experience on recruitment and selection, labor, market development, job interview workshops and interviews with applicants.

I supplemented my original studies of English language and literature with various master classes and courses in the field of (career) coaching, including the training for career coach at Pharos Advies and the training for stress and burn-out coaching. As a coach I think it is important to actively listen, reflect and give back. Occasionally with humor and by putting things into perspective.

I joined Dynamisch Bureau because of the personal approach and the objective. I think it is very important to deploy, use and strengthen everyone’s talents. I also enjoy working together in a team of professional career coaches. ”

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